Modern Slavery Statement for Kloudify Technologies

Kloudify Technologies (referred to as “Kloudify” in this statement, ABN 87 645 123 404) is committed to addressing and preventing modern slavery and human trafficking in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Australia). We recognise the global issue of modern slavery and its impact on society, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our organisation and supply chain are free from any forms of exploitation, forced labour, or human rights violations.
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This statement is presented in compliance with sections 14 and 16 of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 and outlines Kloudify’s commitment to eliminating modern slavery and human trafficking within our organisation and supply chain. We are dedicated to continuous improvement to fulfil our responsibilities under the Act.


Kloudify Technologies is an innovative technology company headquartered in Sydney, Australia with global operations. Our focus is on Kloudify manages the end-to-end IT environments of its clients spanning hybrid infrastructure, hosting, cloud, networking, unified communications, user and device support, professional service consultants, project services, and cyber security requirements. Kloudify’s clients are spread across a broad range of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, superannuation, and retail. Kloudify’s direct workforce comprises over 5 employees with the majority based in Australia. While our direct workforce primarily operates from Sydney, Australia our supply chain extends to various regions and industries.


This statement encompasses all entities under the Kloudify Technologies umbrella, including but not limited to:

• Kloudify Technologies Pty Ltd (ABN 87 645 123 404)

Direct Operations

Kloudify Technologies employs a diverse workforce consisting of skilled professionals who are subject to stringent employment policies and procedures. As part of our commitment to ethical standards, our operations prioritise the welfare and rights of our employees.

Supply Chain

Kloudify’s supply chain involves a network of suppliers providing various goods and services, including IT service providers, procurement of IT related products and office related costs such as facilities management, office amenities and office consumables. We engage with over 15 active suppliers, primarily located in Australia.


Direct Operations

Kloudify maintains a robust set of employee policies and procedures, including but not limited to:

– Modern slavery policy

– Whistleblower policy

– Employee code of conduct

– Leadership training

– Corporate social responsibility policy

– Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy

We have a strong commitment to ensuring our direct workforce operates in a manner consistent with ethical standards.

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Supply Chain

Kloudify has conducted a thorough risk assessment of its supply chain.
We actively mitigate these risks by:

1. Reviewing modern slavery statements and disclosures from higher-risk suppliers.

2. Sending a modern slavery questionnaire to suppliers, with a particular focus on higher-risk suppliers.

3. Engaging with suppliers to ensure they understand and comply with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act.

We are continuously refining our supplier code of conduct to align with our commitment to addressing modern slavery risks.


Kloudify Technologies is dedicated to proactive due diligence to identify and address modern slavery risks. Our actions vary depending on whether we have caused, contributed to, or are linked to any modern slavery impacts.

Direct Operations

At Kloudify Technologies, we take our commitment to eradicating modern slavery seriously within our direct operations. To ensure a responsible and ethical work environment, we have implemented comprehensive due diligence processes and policies. These measures include:

– Modern slavery policy

– Whistleblower policy

– Employee code of conduct

– Leadership training

– Corporate social responsibility policy

– Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy

Through these measures, we continuously monitor our direct operations, educate our employees, and maintain a culture of integrity and compliance.

Supply Chain

Kloudify Technologies recognizes that modern slavery risks can extend beyond our direct operations and into our supply chain. We are dedicated to ensuring that our suppliers uphold the same ethical standards as we do. Our due diligence processes related to the supply chain include:

1. Risk Classification:

We classify our suppliers into three categories – higher risk, medium risk, and lower risk. This classification considers factors such as geographical location, sector, and the probability of continued engagement with each supplier.

2. Modern Slavery Statements Review:

We conduct online searches of higher-risk suppliers to identify relevant modern slavery statements and disclosures. This helps us gauge their commitment to addressing modern slavery.

3. Supplier Questionnaire:

As part of our commitment to raising awareness of modern slavery, we send a questionnaire to all suppliers, with a particular focus on higher-risk suppliers. This questionnaire requests information about their compliance with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act.

4. Supplier Code of Conduct:

We continuously refine our supplier code of conduct to include expectations regarding assistance from suppliers in enabling us to assess their compliance with the Act. This code of conduct sets clear standards for ethical behaviour and modern slavery prevention.

5. Newly Acquired Entities:

When we acquire new entities, we conduct the same due diligence processes to assess their supply chain risks and ensure alignment with our standards. This includes a review of their modern slavery risks and disclosures.
By actively engaging with our suppliers, conducting regular risk assessments, and refining our processes, we aim to mitigate modern slavery risks within our supply chain and hold our suppliers to high ethical standards.
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Kloudify Technologies provides avenues for employees and stakeholders to report concerns related to modern slavery within our operations and supply chain. We remain committed to addressing potential incidents and grievances promptly.
Kloudify continues to monitor and, where applicable, respond to potential modern slavery incidents. No grievances were raised in the reporting period.


We continuously assess the effectiveness of our modern slavery risk management efforts. Key metrics and indicators are regularly reviewed to gauge the impact of our actions.

Direct Operations

Kloudify performs an annual assessment of staff salary packages to guarantee that employees receive fair and suitable compensation. Furthermore, a variety of extra benefits are extended to all staff members and are subject to regular evaluations by the management team.

Supply Chain

As part of our due diligence procedures, Kloudify conducted a comprehensive review of all active suppliers. We maintain direct communication with our suppliers to ensure that their supply chains are free from any risks related to modern slavery. Kloudify regularly monitors the list of active suppliers and assesses their responses to questionnaires, with the aim of categorizing an increasing number of suppliers as low risk in terms of modern slavery.
The qualitative analysis yielded largely positive results, with several key suppliers taking proactive steps to minimize and mitigate the risk of modern slavery within their operations. An increasing number of these suppliers have implemented policies and protocols to address this concern.
During the current reporting period, we established a process requiring all new suppliers to complete a questionnaire before entering into a partnership with Kloudify. Additionally, we revised our supplier code of conduct during this period to further address these issues


Kloudify Technologies is dedicated to ongoing improvement in addressing modern slavery risks. Our future commitments include:

– Continually review and assess low and medium risk rated suppliers.

– Provide further training to employees on modern slavery.


This statement is made in compliance with sections 14 and 16 of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Australia). It has been reviewed and approved by the executive leadership team of Kloudify Technologies.

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