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Investing in Office 365 licenses can provide businesses across Australia with access to secure cloud services as well as a range of different Microsoft applications. As Microsoft Gold Partners, we understand that every business has different needs, and we’ll work with you to determine the most appropriate Microsoft 365 license for your company.

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CSP Licenses Make it Easy

Microsoft 365 licenses enable businesses to streamline their work processes. Whether that be improving functions, enhancing accessibility or increasing productivity, migrating to Microsoft means you can find all of your data in one trusted place.

Here at Kloudify, we’re registered CSP licensees, which means we can offer direct cloud support through Microsoft products and add-ons. More than just knowing Microsoft like the back of our hands, our team provides incomparable ongoing IT tools and solutions so that you can continue business as normal.

Kloudify are Microsoft Gold partners, meaning we’ve earned the highest level of certification offered by Microsoft. Our IT experts have demonstrated their capabilities through industry-recognised exams and are now using those same skills to help Australian businesses thrive.

Gold Partners are the first to receive any Microsoft updates, making us at Kloudify the best equipped to handle all of your Office 365 integration needs. We’ll help you stay in the know, sharing the latest tech news and upgrades to ensure you remain one step ahead of the game at all times.

One of the biggest advantages of being a Gold Partner is understanding that no one size fits all. Our team works with yours, identifying your overall business goals to help determine the most appropriate Microsoft products for your work functions.

We customise each suite, ensuring you’ll only ever pay for the cloud features and storage you need. Why? Because that’s the kind of service you deserve!

Why Microsoft Office 365?

The question should really be, ‘why not Microsoft 365?’ This revolutionary cloud technology is suitable for businesses of all sizes, offering an abundance of essential features guaranteed to make getting work done just that much easier! Still not sold? Here are some of Microsoft 365’s integral features:

  • Microsoft 365 apps: Crucial for streamlining business operations, you can easily access all the latest Microsoft applications, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and more.
  • Email and calendar: Make collaboration easy with email, calendar, and your contacts all in one, easy-to-access place.
  • Meetings and voice: Whether working from home or on-site, Office 365 licenses allow employees to meet anytime, anywhere.
  • Advanced analytics: Using the latest data analysis technology, you can gain comprehensive insights into your business’ performance and identify trends to help plan for the future.
  • Threat and security: Built-in intelligence protects your business from cyber criminals and other threats.
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Questions about Microsoft Office 365 Licenses?

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based productivity tools and services offered by Kloudify. It includes a range of applications and services designed to enhance collaboration, streamline business processes, and boost overall productivity. With Office 365, users can access familiar applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook from virtually anywhere and on multiple devices.

Key features of Microsoft Office 365 from Kloudify include:

  • Cloud Accessibility: Office 365 allows users to work seamlessly across devices, enabling them to access and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from any location with an internet connection.

  • Collaboration Tools: Foster teamwork and improve communication with tools like Microsoft Teams, facilitating real-time collaboration and efficient project management.

  • Email and Calendar Services: Benefit from professional email services with advanced security features, along with integrated calendars for efficient scheduling and time management.

  • OneDrive for Business: Store, share, and synchronise files securely in the cloud, ensuring that important documents are accessible whenever needed.

  • Security and Compliance: Kloudify’s Office 365 solutions prioritise security, with built-in features to protect against threats, secure user identities, and comply with industry regulations.

  • Automatic Updates: Subscribers enjoy the latest features and security updates as they are released, without the need for manual installations.

  • Flexible Subscription Plans: Kloudify offers a variety of subscription plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, providing flexibility in terms of features and pricing.

Whether you’re a small business looking to enhance collaboration or an enterprise seeking scalable solutions, Microsoft Office 365 from Kloudify delivers a powerful and versatile platform to drive efficiency and innovation within your organisation.

What are the benefits of using Office 365 for my business?

Unlock a multitude of advantages for your business with Kloudify’s Microsoft Office 365 licenses. Here are the key benefits:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Office 365 facilitates seamless collaboration among your teams, allowing them to co-author documents in real-time, conduct virtual meetings through Microsoft Teams, and work together efficiently regardless of geographical locations.

  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Enjoy the freedom to work from any location and device with cloud-based accessibility. Office 365 empowers your workforce to be productive on-the-go, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness to business needs.

  • Integrated Communication: Leverage robust communication tools, including professional email services with advanced security features and integrated calendars. Stay connected with clients and colleagues through reliable and efficient communication channels.

  • Scalability: Office 365 grows with your business. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, the scalable nature of the platform ensures that you can adapt and expand your subscription to meet changing business requirements.

  • Security Features: Kloudify prioritizes the security of your business data. Office 365 comes with built-in security features, protecting your sensitive information from potential threats and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

  • Automatic Updates: Stay ahead with the latest features and security enhancements. Office 365 provides automatic updates, eliminating the need for manual installations and ensuring that your business benefits from the most up-to-date tools.

  • Cost Efficiency: Choose from a range of subscription plans tailored to your business needs. With transparent pricing and the ability to scale your subscription, Office 365 offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on functionality.

  • Business Continuity: Ensure business continuity with the reliable and redundant infrastructure of Office 365. Your data is securely stored in the cloud, reducing the risk of data loss and facilitating a quick recovery in case of unforeseen events.

Discover how Kloudify’s Microsoft Office 365 licenses can transform your business operations, drive collaboration, and elevate productivity to new heights.

Which plans does Kloudify offer for Microsoft Office 365 licenses?

Discover the tailored Microsoft Office 365 license plans offered by Kloudify to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Our plans are designed to provide flexibility and scalability, ensuring that you can choose the right solution for your organisation. Here are the key plans available:

  • Business Essentials:

    • Ideal for small businesses, this plan offers essential cloud services such as professional email with 50 GB mailbox, web versions of Office applications, and 1 TB of OneDrive storage for file sharing.
  • Business Standard:

    • Elevate your productivity with the Business Standard plan, which includes fully installed Office applications on multiple devices. Enjoy the benefits of online and offline access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, along with 1 TB of OneDrive storage.
  • Business Premium:

    • Take collaboration to the next level with the Business Premium plan. This comprehensive solution combines the features of Business Standard with advanced security and device management capabilities, making it suitable for growing enterprises.
  • Enterprise E1:

    • Tailored for larger organisations, the Enterprise E1 plan offers online versions of Office applications, business-class email, and unlimited OneDrive storage. Collaborate efficiently with Microsoft Teams and enhance communication across your enterprise.
  • Enterprise E3:

    • Unlock a complete productivity suite with the Enterprise E3 plan. In addition to the features of Enterprise E1, this plan includes fully installed Office applications on multiple devices, advanced security features, and compliance tools for comprehensive business solutions.
  • Enterprise E5:

    • Experience the ultimate in productivity and security with the Enterprise E5 plan. This top-tier offering combines the benefits of Enterprise E3 with advanced analytics, voice capabilities, and enhanced security features, making it suitable for large enterprises with complex requirements.
  • Business Apps:

    • Tailor your Office 365 experience with add-ons and business apps. Enhance your capabilities with Power BI for analytics, PowerApps for app creation, and Flow for workflow automation.

Choose the plan that aligns with your business objectives, and enjoy the full spectrum of features and functionalities that Microsoft Office 365 from Kloudify has to offer. Our flexible licensing options ensure that you get the most value for your investment.

How can I migrate my existing data to Office 365?

Migrating your existing data to Office 365 with Kloudify is a seamless process designed for efficiency and minimal disruption. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to migrate your data:

  • Assessment and Planning:

    • Our experts at Kloudify begin by assessing your current data infrastructure. We work closely with your team to understand the scope of the migration, identify potential challenges, and create a comprehensive migration plan.
  • Data Backup:

    • Before initiating the migration, it’s crucial to ensure the safety of your data. Kloudify performs a secure backup of your existing data to prevent any loss during the migration process.
  • User Communication and Training:

    • Communication is key. Kloudify provides clear communication to your users about the upcoming migration, its benefits, and any actions they may need to take. Additionally, we offer training resources to familiarise users with the new Office 365 environment.
  • Migration Tools and Methods:

    • Kloudify employs industry-leading migration tools and methods to transfer your data to Office 365. Whether you’re moving emails, documents, or other critical information, our solutions ensure a smooth transition.
  • Email Migration:

    • If you are migrating email data, Kloudify ensures a seamless transition of your emails, contacts, calendars, and other relevant information to Office 365. Our process minimises downtime and ensures that your communication channels remain uninterrupted.
  • Document Migration:

    • For document migration, we utilise efficient methods to transfer files to OneDrive or SharePoint. This includes preserving metadata, version history, and permissions to maintain the integrity of your documents.
  • Testing and Validation:

    • Before finalising the migration, Kloudify conducts thorough testing and validation processes. This ensures that all data has been successfully transferred, and functionalities are working as expected in the new Office 365 environment.
  • Post-Migration Support:

    • Kloudify doesn’t stop at migration; we provide post-migration support to address any issues, answer questions, and ensure a smooth transition for your team. Our support team is readily available to assist with any concerns that may arise.
  • Optimisation and Training:

    • After the migration, Kloudify offers optimisation services to ensure that your Office 365 environment is configured for optimal performance. We also provide ongoing training resources to help your team make the most of the new tools and features.

By choosing Kloudify for your Office 365 migration, you can trust in a meticulous and well-executed process that prioritises the security and integrity of your existing data. Our goal is to make the transition to Office 365 as smooth and efficient as possible for your business.

Is technical support included with the Office 365 licenses from Kloudify?

Absolutely! Kloudify is committed to providing top-notch technical support as an integral part of our Microsoft Office 365 licenses. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Comprehensive Support Coverage:

    • Kloudify’s Office 365 licenses come with inclusive technical support. Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you with any queries, issues, or technical challenges you may encounter.
  • Multiple Support Channels:

    • We understand the importance of accessibility. Kloudify offers support through various channels, including email, phone, and online chat. This ensures that you can reach us using the method that suits you best.
  • Responsive Assistance:

    • Experience prompt and responsive assistance from our support team. We prioritise resolving your issues efficiently, minimising downtime, and ensuring a smooth experience with Office 365.
  • 24/7 Support Options:

    • For critical issues that require immediate attention, Kloudify provides 24/7 support options. Feel confident knowing that assistance is available around the clock to address any urgent matters.
  • Expertise Across Office 365 Services:

    • Our support team is well-versed in the entire suite of Office 365 services. Whether you have questions about email configurations, collaboration tools, or security features, we have the expertise to guide you.
  • Proactive Issue Resolution:

    • Kloudify takes a proactive approach to issue resolution. Our support team actively monitors for potential issues, providing proactive solutions and recommendations to enhance the overall performance of your Office 365 environment.
  • Updates and Enhancements:

    • Stay informed about updates and enhancements to the Office 365 platform. Kloudify’s support team ensures that you are aware of the latest features, security updates, and improvements, helping you make the most of your subscription.
  • User Training Resources:

    • In addition to technical support, Kloudify offers user training resources to empower your team. Access documentation, tutorials, and webinars to enhance your understanding and usage of Office 365.

At Kloudify, we view technical support as a vital component of your Office 365 experience. Our goal is to provide the assistance you need, when you need it, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly with the full support of our dedicated team.

Can I customise my Office 365 subscription based on my business needs?

Absolutely! Kloudify understands that every business is unique, and we offer the flexibility for you to customise your Office 365 subscription to align perfectly with your specific requirements. Here’s how you can tailor your Office 365 subscription with Kloudify:

  • Flexible Subscription Plans:

    • Kloudify provides a range of subscription plans to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Choose from our diverse plans, each offering a different set of features and pricing options.
  • Add-Ons and Enhancements:

    • Tailor your Office 365 experience by selecting from a variety of add-ons and enhancements. Whether you need additional storage, advanced security features, or specific collaboration tools, Kloudify has options to meet your business needs.
  • User Licenses Customisation:

    • Select the number of user licenses based on your workforce size. Kloudify allows you to scale the number of user licenses up or down as your business grows or changes, ensuring you only pay for what you need.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions:

    • If your business operates in a specific industry with unique requirements, Kloudify can help customise your Office 365 subscription to address industry-specific challenges. This may include compliance features, data governance, or specialised applications.
  • Advanced Security Configurations:

    • Enhance the security of your Office 365 environment by customising security configurations. Kloudify provides options for advanced security settings, multi-factor authentication, and data loss prevention to protect your sensitive information.
  • Collaboration Tools Selection:

    • Customise your collaboration experience by choosing specific tools that align with your team’s workflow. Whether it’s Microsoft Teams for communication, SharePoint for document management, or Planner for project tracking, you have the flexibility to tailor your subscription accordingly.
  • Scalability Options:

    • Kloudify’s Office 365 subscriptions are designed to scale with your business. Adjust your subscription as your workforce grows or as your business requirements change, ensuring that your Office 365 solution remains perfectly aligned with your evolving needs.
  • Transparent Pricing:

    • Kloudify believes in transparent pricing. Our detailed pricing information allows you to understand the costs associated with each feature and customisation, ensuring that you can make informed decisions based on your budget.

By choosing Kloudify as your Office 365 license solutions provider, you gain the freedom to tailor your subscription to suit your business needs precisely. Our goal is to empower you with a customised Office 365 experience that enhances productivity and supports the unique requirements of your organisation.

What security measures does Kloudify implement for Office 365 licenses?

At Kloudify, we prioritise the security of your business data and information. Our Office 365 licenses come with a robust set of security measures designed to safeguard your digital assets. Here’s an overview of the security measures implemented by Kloudify:

  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP):

    • Kloudify leverages Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection to defend against sophisticated cyber threats. This includes protection against malicious attachments, links, and phishing attempts, ensuring that your email communication remains secure.
  • Identity and Access Management:

    • Secure access to your Office 365 environment with robust identity and access management. Kloudify employs multi-factor authentication (MFA) and conditional access policies to verify user identities and control access based on specific conditions.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP):

    • Prevent the accidental or intentional sharing of sensitive information with Office 365’s Data Loss Prevention capabilities. Kloudify helps you configure DLP policies to ensure compliance and protect confidential data from unauthorised disclosure.
  • Encryption:

    • Kloudify implements encryption measures to protect your data both in transit and at rest. This ensures that your communications and stored information remain confidential and secure against unauthorised access.
  • Security Patching and Updates:

    • Stay protected with timely security patches and updates. Kloudify ensures that your Office 365 environment is up-to-date with the latest security enhancements, mitigating vulnerabilities and reducing the risk of security breaches.
  • Security Monitoring and Auditing:

    • Kloudify employs continuous monitoring and auditing practices to detect and respond to potential security incidents. Our team actively reviews security logs, conducts regular audits, and takes proactive measures to maintain a secure Office 365 environment.
  • Compliance Features:

    • Ensure that your business meets regulatory requirements and industry standards with Kloudify’s implementation of Office 365 compliance features. We assist in configuring compliance settings to align with your specific industry regulations.
  • Endpoint Security:

    • Protect against endpoint threats by implementing security measures on devices accessing your Office 365 environment. Kloudify helps configure policies for endpoint security, ensuring that devices connecting to your network meet security standards.
  • Incident Response Planning:

    • Kloudify works with your business to develop an incident response plan. In the event of a security incident, we have processes in place to quickly respond, mitigate the impact, and restore normal operations.
  • User Education and Training:

    • Educate your users on security best practices. Kloudify provides training resources to help your team understand and implement security measures, reducing the risk of human error and improving overall security awareness.

By choosing Kloudify for your Office 365 licenses, you can trust in our commitment to implementing robust security measures. Our goal is to provide you with a secure and compliant Office 365 environment that allows your business to operate confidently in the digital landscape.

How does billing work for Microsoft Office 365 licenses?

Understanding the billing structure for your Microsoft Office 365 licenses from Kloudify is crucial for transparency and efficient financial management. Here’s a breakdown of how billing works:

  • Subscription Plans and Pricing:

    • Kloudify offers a variety of subscription plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Each plan comes with different features and pricing options. You can choose the plan that aligns with your requirements and budget.
  • User-Based Licensing:

    • Our billing is user-centric, meaning you are charged based on the number of users requiring Office 365 licenses. This user-based licensing model allows for scalability, enabling you to add or remove licenses as your team size evolves.
  • Flexible Billing Cycles:

    • Kloudify provides flexibility in billing cycles. Choose from monthly or annual billing based on what suits your business best. Annual billing often comes with cost savings compared to monthly billing.
  • Transparent Pricing:

    • Kloudify believes in transparent pricing. Our pricing structure is clear and detailed, allowing you to understand the costs associated with each feature and customisation. There are no hidden fees, ensuring you can make informed decisions.
  • Add-Ons and Customisations:

    • Tailor your Office 365 subscription to your specific needs with add-ons and customisations. Kloudify provides options for additional features, storage, and security enhancements. Each add-on comes with its own transparent pricing.
  • Scalability and Adjustments:

    • Your business needs may change over time. Kloudify allows you to scale your Office 365 subscription according to your evolving requirements. Add or reduce user licenses, adjust features, and explore customisations as needed.
  • Prorated Billing for Changes:

    • If you make changes to your subscription mid-billing cycle, Kloudify implements prorated billing. This means you only pay for the portion of the month or year that the changes are active, ensuring fair and accurate billing.
  • Invoicing and Payment Options:

    • Kloudify provides clear and detailed invoices, outlining the charges associated with your Office 365 licenses. We offer various payment options to accommodate your preferences, making the billing process convenient for your business.
  • Renewal Notices and Reminders:

    • Stay informed about upcoming renewals. Kloudify sends timely notices and reminders to ensure you have ample time to review and renew your Office 365 licenses, preventing any disruptions to your services.
  • Customer Support for Billing Inquiries:

    • If you have any billing inquiries or require assistance, Kloudify’s customer support team is ready to help. Contact us through various channels, including email and phone, to get prompt and informative responses.

Understanding the billing process for your Microsoft Office 365 licenses with Kloudify is part of our commitment to providing a transparent and customer-friendly experience. We aim to make the billing process straightforward, ensuring you have clarity and control over your subscription costs.

Are training resources available for users transitioning to Office 365?

Certainly! Kloudify is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for users adopting Microsoft Office 365. We provide comprehensive training resources to empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to make the most of the Office 365 suite. Here’s how we support your users during the transition:

  • Onboarding Training:

    • Kloudify offers onboarding training sessions to familiarise your users with the Office 365 environment. These sessions cover the basics, including navigating the interface, accessing emails, and using essential collaboration tools.
  • Video Tutorials:

    • Access a library of video tutorials created by Kloudify experts. These tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from getting started with Office applications to advanced features in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.
  • Interactive Webinars:

    • Participate in live, interactive webinars conducted by our skilled trainers. These sessions provide an opportunity for users to ask questions, receive real-time guidance, and deepen their understanding of specific Office 365 features.
  • Customised Training Plans:

    • Recognising that each business has unique needs, Kloudify tailors training plans to align with your specific Office 365 deployment. Whether your focus is on email management, collaboration, or security features, our training plans can be customised accordingly.
  • User Guides and Documentation:

    • Kloudify provides comprehensive user guides and documentation. These resources serve as valuable references for users, offering step-by-step instructions and tips for using various Office 365 applications.
  • Q&A Forums and Support:

    • Engage with our community forums and support channels for interactive learning. Users can ask questions, share experiences, and learn from others who are also transitioning to Office 365.
  • Continued Learning Resources:

    • Stay updated on the latest features and updates through Kloudify’s continued learning resources. We regularly publish articles, blog posts, and newsletters to keep your users informed about new functionalities and best practices.
  • Feedback Mechanism:

    • Kloudify encourages user feedback to continuously improve our training resources. We value input from users to understand their learning preferences and enhance our training materials accordingly.
  • 24/7 Access to Training Materials:

    • Users can access training materials at their convenience. Kloudify provides 24/7 access to training resources, allowing users to learn at their own pace and revisit materials whenever needed.
  • Dedicated Support for Training Queries:

    • For any training-related queries or assistance, Kloudify’s support team is ready to help. Users can reach out through various channels, including email and online chat, to receive prompt and personalised support.

Kloudify’s commitment to user training ensures that your team transitions smoothly to Microsoft Office 365, unlocking the full potential of the suite. With our diverse and accessible training resources, your users can confidently embrace the features and functionalities offered by Office 365 for enhanced collaboration and productivity.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Office 365 plan with Kloudify?

At Kloudify, we understand that your business needs may evolve, and we provide the flexibility for you to adjust your Office 365 plan accordingly. Here’s how you can upgrade or downgrade your Office 365 plan with Kloudify:

  • Flexible Subscription Options:

    • Kloudify offers a range of Office 365 subscription plans to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small business looking to scale up or an enterprise streamlining operations, we have flexible options to meet your needs.
  • Upgrade Your Plan:

    • If your business requirements change and you need additional features or capabilities, upgrading your Office 365 plan with Kloudify is seamless. Simply contact our team, and we’ll guide you through the process of selecting a plan that better aligns with your evolving needs.
  • Downgrade Your Plan:

    • Should you find that your current plan includes more features than your business requires, Kloudify allows you to downgrade your Office 365 plan. This ensures that you are only paying for the features and services that are essential for your operations.
  • Scalability Options:

    • Kloudify’s Office 365 subscriptions are designed for scalability. Whether you need to add more user licenses, increase storage capacity, or access additional collaboration tools, our platform allows you to scale up or down based on your business demands.
  • Transparent Pricing and Billing:

    • Enjoy transparency in pricing and billing. When upgrading or downgrading your Office 365 plan, Kloudify provides clear information on the associated costs, ensuring that you have a complete understanding of the financial implications of your decision.
  • Prorated Billing for Changes:

    • Kloudify implements prorated billing for plan changes made mid-billing cycle. This means you only pay for the portion of the month or year that the changes are active, providing fair and accurate billing for adjustments.
  • Customer Support Assistance:

    • Should you have any questions or require assistance during the upgrade or downgrade process, Kloudify’s customer support team is here to help. Contact us through various channels, including email and phone, to receive prompt and informative support.
  • Regular Plan Review:

    • Kloudify recommends regular plan reviews to ensure that your Office 365 subscription continues to meet your business needs. Our team can assist in assessing your requirements and making appropriate recommendations for plan adjustments.

By offering the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your Office 365 plan with Kloudify, we empower your business to adapt to changing circumstances and optimise your subscription for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our goal is to provide you with a scalable and customisable Office 365 experience that evolves with your business.

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