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First National Byron Bay’s Migration to Office 365 and Implementation of Intune for Improved Security and Productivity

Introduction: First National Byron Bay is a real estate agency based in the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia. The agency had been using an on-premise server for email and productivity applications but was looking to improve its security and enable its employees to work from home effectively. Kloudify Technologies was engaged to help with the migration to Office 365 and the implementation of Intune for endpoint management. 

Challenges: First National Byron Bay was facing several challenges with their existing on-premise server, including: 

3. Work from home setup: The employees were provided with the necessary infrastructure and training to work from home, including secure access to the agency’s network and resources. 

1. Limited security measures: The on-premise server had limited security measures in place, making it vulnerable to potential cyber attacks. 

2. Inadequate backup and recovery systems: The agency was relying on manual backup processes, which were time-consuming and unreliable. 

3. Difficulty working from home: The employees were unable to access their work applications and data from home, which limited their ability to work remotely. 

Solution: Kloudify Technologies implemented a comprehensive solution to address these challenges, including: 

1. Migration to Office 365: The email and productivity applications were migrated to Office 365, which provided the agency with robust security measures, including multi-factor authentication and data encryption. 

2. Implementation of Intune: Intune was implemented to manage and secure the agency’s endpoints, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This allowed the agency to enforce security policies and remotely wipe lost or stolen devices. 

Results: The migration to Office 365 and the implementation of Intune have provided First National Byron Bay with several benefits, including: 

1. Improved security: The agency’s data and systems are now more secure, with multiple layers of security in place to protect against potential cyber attacks. 

2. Increased productivity: The employees are now able to work from home effectively, allowing them to be more productive and responsive to clients. 

3. Efficient backup and recovery: Office 365 provides automatic backup and recovery of email and data, eliminating the need for manual backup processes. 

First National Byron Bay’s migration to Office 365 and implementation of Intune has resulted in improved security, increased productivity, and efficient backup and recovery. The agency is now well-equipped to handle the challenges of remote work, with the necessary infrastructure and security measures in place to ensure the protection of its data and systems. Kloudify Technologies was able to provide a comprehensive solution to meet the agency’s needs and help it navigate the challenges of the current business environment. 

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